Should You Write a Real Estate Love Letter?

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In this video, I discuss whether or not you should write a love letter to the seller when making an offer to buy a home.

Buyers are trying to stand out and writing a real estate love letter can help do this. It is important to keep in mind that the Fair Housing Laws protect buyers so they are not able to be discriminated against by sellers based on various protected classes. As an agent, I typically advise clients not to read love letters, since it allows the potential for discrimination. Is it worth writing a letter? That is ultimately your decision.

A few tips on writing a real estate love letter:
1. Introduce yourself! – Include facts that do not incite potential discrimination
2. Tell them about the house. What do you like and why would you want to live there?
3. Find a connection with the seller.
4. Express gratitude – Thank you for the opportunity to be considered!
5. Double-check your work – Edit!

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