Pros and Cons of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

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Sellers frequently ask me if they should complete a pre-listing home inspection. I list the advantages and disadvantages of completing a pre-listing home inspection below.

1) Discover what condition your house is in – what needs your attention most? Any major issues?
2) Proactively make repairs – choose what you do (and don’t do) and who does it (even DIY!)
3) Price your home most accurately (potentially eliminate price drops)
4) Minimize traffic in your home from buyer pre-inspections
5) Improve buyer confidence – attract more offers and potentially fewer contingencies
6) Potentially smoother transaction – no inspection surprises and further price negotiation = Peace of mind

1) Cost – you pay for it vs. the buyer
2) Inspector may point out something the buyer’s inspector might not have
3) Discovering new or hidden issues you were not previously aware of
4) Disclosure Requirements (Form 17)

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