How Much Would the Barbie Dream House Cost to Build in Seattle

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Hey all, Zach McDonald, your real estate agent with Real Property Associates, and today we’re gonna have a little bit of fun with data and, CoreLogic. They do a lot of different data and they’re fairly well known in the real estate space for some of their data. They did a look back at the original cost of building the Barbie Dream House because, well, the Barbie movie’s out and it’s a big deal right now, and they compared it with what it would cost to build it in its original location in Malibu, and also what it might look like to build that same dream house in some of the other major metro markets, including Seattle.

Let’s first start with this graphic that Businesswire created, showing the data here, and I was looking at where it was the cheapest to build. So if we look at Houston, would’ve been $18,000 almost if we round up $19,000 to build the Barbie Dreamhouse back in the sixties. It looks like we’re at a whopping $351,000. So hasn’t changed. Well, it’s changed a lot, let’s be real, but it’s the cheapest place to build it today. If we look at Minneapolis, Minneapolis is still under $500,000 to build this same Barbie Dream House Now, Seattle, wait, well, I mean that’s where we’re at is Seattle, so it’s kind of fun to pay attention to that $42,000 back in 1962 to build the Barbie Dream House. And if we were to build that same house in Seattle today, $1,711,018. You’ve gotta be really specific with data. Now, the most expensive places to build the Barbie Dream House, we’ve got a couple places.

San Francisco, far and away is the most expensive. It would cost $4,980,866 estimated to build the Barbie Dream House. If we were to build it in Malibu, that would be the most expensive outside of San Francisco. $2,807,328. And that is the original location of the, the Barbie Dream House: Malibu, California. It would’ve been $77,537 originally, and we just talked about it, $2,807,328. And there’s a house, and this is fun, on Airbnb. You can’t rent it anymore, it’s, it’s gone. No availability. But there was a limited-time offering to be able to rent a remodeled Malibu mansion right on the beach Barbie Dreamhouse on Airbnb. Again, no longer available, but there’s a lot of people having fun with this right now. And for all of those Barbie fans, I hear it’s a fun movie. I’m not a huge Barbie fan, but I do remember playing GI Joes with my sisters who were into Barbies. They thought the GI Joes had bigger muscles than the Ken Dolls. So I used to play GI Joes. They wanted the GI Joes to marry the Barbie dolls. So, um, but anyways, I hope this was a fun little lighthearted video. I don’t anticipate ever seeing a Barbie Dream House built in Seattle, but if it does get built, it looks like it’s gonna cost about $2 million to make.

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