Buying A House In Seattle Step #5 | Make An Offer / Negotiation

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Make an offer. This is step number five in your journey to buying a house in the Seattle area.

Your favorite house may be the first of fiftieth home we look at. How will you know when a house is the one? You will just know.

It is important to act quickly once we locate a house you love. Together we will determine an acceptable offer price and contract terms. Price is typically the focus of any negotiation, but there are multiple other negotiable terms in a real estate contract such as the earnest money deposit and closing date. Contract contingencies are also negotiable. I will prepare our contract for signature and present it to either the seller or the agent that represents them.

Many real estate transactions involve some back and forth negotiation before mutual acceptance. Mutual acceptance is the point when both parties agree upon contract terms in writing.

A real estate agent can bring tremendous value to you throughout the home buying process. Don’t have one? Let’s connect!

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